When it comes to provide emphatic & veteran air-condition solutions for commercial buildings GlobalRez sparks in the eyes of our clients. Form last 15 years we have successfully installed diverse air conditioning units in colleges, shopping malls, corporate buildings, churches, resultants, hotels, motels, schools and many more.  We are capable of designing suitable as well as beautiful air conditioning solutions for your heating & cooling needs in an efficient & effective manner. At first we listen to your requirements and then our solution designers visit your site along with our engineers for inspection after this step we plan, form and present you a solution which is energy efficient, environment friendly moreover that suits all of your requests.





We specialize in providing solutions where powerful air conditioners are required, such as factories where machines are responsible for producing heat at a great amount this is where our expertise comes in, we come up with best possible resolution for this problem without affecting the health of workers.
While we are working on your project we keep in touch with you to have suggestions or changes if any, until work finishes, this helps us to find a best possible solution to serve your needs.