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Split System Air Conditioner

Split Air Conditioning in a meeting room in Sydney

Split Air Conditioning Sydney

At GlobalRez, we offer a world of possibilities under one roof. Complete air conditioning package of solutions right from the purchase and installation to service and maintenance is offered at a very affordable price package. Our experts are well versed with advanced techniques and high end equipments are used to install the units. Service, repair and maintenance for your split air conditioning in Sydney is offered for both commercial and residential arena.

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Premium Features

Inverter Multi-Split Systems

The new age inter units perennially keep changing the speed of the fan and motor as well in order to reach the desired temperature and once the preferred temperature has been reached it keep adjusting it to maintain such atmosphere and adequate comfort. This whole process makes the system environmentally friendly and reduces he cost, and minimizes the sound of the operation.

With an optimized operating range, ducted & split air conditioners by GlobalRez keeps you cool in warm weather as well as cosy in extreme cold. Enjoy the cool sanctuary of comfort in every season. The split air conditioning units are available in various volumes and dimensions, so you can select appropriate model as per your requirement.

Split Air Conditioning Sydney - split system functioning

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Inverter Split Systems

As stated above, despite of using constant speed compressor inverter split system uses an alterable speed compressor which makes this system better suit for multi-split systems, as it can regulate the cooling and heating according to the temperature in every zone. This revolutionary change makes this system very economical in nature.